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Reliability and performance are key in moments that matter. GE's tube manufacturing processes leverage knowledge of GE HealthCare systems to help eliminate potential failure and ensure quality and dependability. Our integrated approach to system design ensures peak performance by designing the tube and system to complement each other. 97% of CT tube specifications are proprietary, which means GE replacement CT tubes are specifically designed to optimize the image quality, dose efficiency, life cycle and reliability of your GE CT system.


Trust the CT tubes that were designed for your system

Whether you buy new premium or value-priced replacement tubes, or take advantage of our budget-friendly GoldSeal tested and validated pre-owned CT tubes, you get GE tubes that are an integral part of the imaging chain (tube, detector, generator and system dose management technologies) which helps enable you to acquire exceptional clinical images.

GE CT tubes are manufactured, tested and validated following ISO 13485 certified quality systems to help ensure consistent design, development, production, installation. and delivery of medical devices. We offer a wide range of tubes to meet your needs.

Learn more about GE Healthcare's full line of replacement CT tubes:

PerformixPlus Performix MAXIRay GoldSealCT Tubes

Performix Plus

Performix Plus is GE HealthCare's premium line of CT tubes. With more than 23 patents, Performix Plus tubes expand the Performix family of GE tubes with significant design, performance, and reliability enhancements. Performix Plus replacement CT tubes are designed for complete connectivity with your GE HealthCare CT system and bring a new level of performance with longer tube life, faster patient exams, and enhanced image quality.

Some of the benefits of Performix Plus CT tubes include:

  • New liquid metal bearing technology for reduced wear compared to conventional ball bearings
  • Designed to have longer life and has been shown in testing to have as much as two times the life of conventional tubes
  • Sharper image quality to help enable improved diagnostics across scan types
  • Quieter operation for optimized staff and patient satisfaction
  • "Instant on" technology, enabling faster patient exams
  • Top of the line model period reliability improvements
  • Validated dose reporting with GE CT tubes
  • 24-month unlimited use warranty for on-demand replacements options, giving you peace of mind and financial predictability


GE HealthCare's Performix line of CT tubes delivers the quality, performance and reliability that come with proven expertise and engineering innovation. Featuring some of the latest technological and workflow improvements, Performix CT tubes are designed and built for exceptional imaging results, durability and integration with GE CT systems.

Some of the benefits of Performix CT tubes include:

  • Quick scans and short tube prep time to help facilitate productivity
  • Frequent model period design enhancements to optimize your uptime and tube life
  • Validated dose reporting with GE tubes
  • Integrated tube rotor control for longer bearing life
  • Unlimited 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind and financial predictability


Managing declining budgets while maintaining clinical excellence is a continual struggle for many healthcare providers. The GE MAXIRay family of replacement CT tubes offers the patented tube technology, image quality excellence, dose efficiency, and service life you expect from GE HealthCare at a cost that helps you meet challenging budget goals.

Some of the benefits of MAXIRay CT tubes include:

  • Many of the same patented innovations found on the Performix family of CT tubes, helping reduce downtime and service calls
  • Parts of an optimized CT imaging sub-system that integrates tube, generator, and system dose-management technologies to help you acquire outstanding clinical images
  • Tube design and manufacturing that takes advantage of the proven reliability of Performix tubes, separating MAXIRay tubes from non-GE replacement tubes

GoldSeal CT Tubes

GE GoldSeal tubes can be a smart replacement option to help extend your system life without draining your budget. GoldSeal tubes are validated and tested by GE engineers on GE HealthCare systems to ISO 13485 quality process to help assure full functionality.

If you are repairing a system that is approaching end of life or wish to help ensure a low-usage system is ready when needed, a GoldSeal tube may be the answer.

  • Designated to fit your need and budget, our pre-owned tubes are tested and validated by a GE engineer on a GE system to ensure full functional operation, ready to calibrate and produce quality images
  • Tested and validated using an ISO 13485 certified quality management system, recognized as the quality standard by the medical device industry


Two ways to order CT tubes

Call 800-558-2040, option1 or contact your Concierge Parts Agents